Occupli Training Announce new IOSH Approved PSDP Course

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According to the HSA to qualify as a PSDP you must not only have familiarity with the type of construction work in-volved but also “sufficient training appropriate to the type of work, e.g. a recognised certificate, higher certificate, or degree in Safety and Health awarded as part of the national framework of qualifications”.

It is as a direct result of the demand for satisfying this HSA requirement that industry experts at Occupli Training have developed this new IOSH approved PSDP course.

As the PSDP is usually appointed even before the design work commences the PSDP is often a firm of architects, chartered surveyors, consulting engineers or project managers. According to the HSA however to be a PSDP you do not have to be a designer or carry out design work. This course is designed for any experienced construction industry professional with the relevant experience and communi-cation skills who would like to become educated and achieve a recognised certificate on the role and function of a PSDP .

After completing this course you will be prepared to undertake your primary duties as a PSDP to:

  • Ensure that the work of designers is co-ordinated to ensure safety
  • Identify hazards arising from the design or from the technical, organisational, planning or time related aspects of the project
  • Where possible, eliminate the hazards or reduce the risk
  • Communicate necessary control measures, design assumptions or remaining risks to the PSCS so they can be dealt with in the Construction Safety and Health Plan
  • Organise co-operation between designers
  • Prepare a written safety and health plan for any project where construction will take more than 500 person days or 30 working days or there is a particular risk and deliver it to the client prior to tender
  • Prepare a safety file for the completed structure and give it to the client
  • Notify the Authority and client of non-compliance with any written directions issued
  • Issue directions to designers or contractors or others as required

The new two day IOSH accredited, PSDP course will provide you with a comprehensive review of regulation legislation, the duties of the PSDP , of designers and also the general principles of prevention. The course will also give you the opportunity to participate in practical workshops on developing your preliminary H&S plan and carrying out designer risk assessments. The course will also provide you with a review of effective management of the safety file and a construction plan. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive your IOSH PSDP Certification which will prepare you to return to your workplace ready to implement your new PSDP skills and knowledge. For more details on the course please click here