Presented by Aidan Power – Shakedown the Town sees two families compete against each other in Ireland’s biggest, most physical & dangerous treasure hunt ever seen.

In the battle to Shakedown the Town, Two families compete in combined physical and mental challenges, in the largest treasure hunt that Ireland has ever seen.

Over six weeks, the Shakedown the Town command base will have visited Dingle, Skerries, Westport, Limerick, Kilkenny and Cork (In which the Chris Mee Group is featured).

In this exciting treasure hunt show, the families join forces to battle their competitors. Faced with 6 clues to crack, 6 challenges to complete and 6 numbers to retrieve.

When the two competing families visited the Chris Mee Group Fire Centre they were soon told of their upcoming challenge. Each team would be required to Extinguish the 12 foot high flames which were billowing from the ridge ahead of them, Once extinguished they must climb the ridge, release the Pod to retrieve the Number and exit the ridge prior to the count-down timed explosion.

Which family will move fastest, and get the numbers to unlock the safe?

Find out which Family will walk away with the luxury foreign family holiday on RTE on Saturday August 23rd at 6.35pm.