Process Safety

Process Safety – What you need to know

The Chris Mee Group is pleased to announce that we now offer an IOSH-approved 5 day Process Safety Management course. The programme was developed because of industry demands and we are the only provider of a course like this in Ireland. This comprehensive course will be delivered by competent engineers with many years’ experience in industry.

This Process Safety Management programme is aimed at Supervisors, Managers, Engineers, Project Managers and Safety Professionals working in a diverse range of industries including the Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Energy, Medical devices and Manufacturing sectors. Many of these workplaces have process safety hazards such as flammable liquids, gases & dusts and toxic chemicals. It is important for employees in all functions of these organisations to be aware of these hazards and how they can be controlled in order to prevent harm to their colleagues, neighbours and the environment.

This 5 day course will improve your understanding of these hazards, and where to look to find guidance on how to handle your in-house substances safely. You will practice using some of the many tools that are useful for identifying and assessing hazards. The many layers of protection against incidents occurring will be covered, from design and operations through controls, trips & alarms to mitigation measures. The concepts of tolerable risk, risk reduction and how they apply to CoMAH and land use planning will be explained. The important influence of leadership, safety culture, human factors and competence will be included, along with the many elements of a Process Safety Management Systems.

Throughout the course there will be case studies, worked examples and group exercises. Participants will be given the opportunity to examine the concepts being taught and share experiences and questions with the other delegates.

There will be a closed-book exam at the end of the 5 days, and a follow-up individual Case Study exercise to be completed within 2 weeks of the end of the course.
The inaugural course will be held in Dublin commencing on the 20th September.

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