Interview Tips

We know that for most people, even the thought of being interviewed can be quite a terrifying prospect. Are you of that mind-set?

Good News, with a little preparation and planning you can drastically improve your chances of acing your interview!

We have compiled some key interview Tips to help you strengthen your performance in that all important preliminary interview.
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  • Do your research : Find out all that you can about the Company, the Role for which you are being interviewed and the format of the interview
  • Plan your “day of” travel route: Allow plenty of extra time to get to the location of your interview.
  • Dress appropriately: Choosing your wardrobe for the interview is an important task. Over 50% of a person’s first impression of you will be determined by your physical appearance.
  • Always bring a crisp copy of your CV, along with a neat looking notebook and pen.
  • Look directly at the Interviewer upon meeting them. Smile, and give a firm handshake – this shows confidence.
  • Anticipate: Take your cue from the job description – break it down point by point and try to anticipate questions that may arise in relation to each of the points.
  • Handling difficult questions: Nowadays employers often ask questions designed to discover how you would deal with certain situations and how you would behave. Producing answers isn’t as difficult as it may initially appear.
  • Being Telephone interviewed? : Imagine you are sitting in front of the interviewer. Use facial expressions as you would in a one to one interview because your attitude and frame of mind are always reflected in your voice – so don’t forget to smile and be positive.
  • Debrief: As soon as possible following the interview you should write down any questions which you were asked along with the answers that you gave.
  • Follow up: find out what the follow up procedure is in regards to when you can expect to hear an outcome and the next stages of interviews. Even if you are unsuccessful it’s still worth going back to the company to get their feedback on how they felt the interview went as you can often pick up very helpful interview tips on how to improve your performance.

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