This week marks the beginning of Construction Safety Week in Cork. The Health and Safety Authority has said it intends to start an intensive week of construction inspections. Over the next week roughly 100 construction sites will be visited by inspectors from the Authority.

The inspections will focus primarily on working at height. During 2013 there were 4 construction related deaths in Cork, all of which involved a fall from height.

Speaking about construction safety week Sean Hyde, Senior Inspector with the Health and Safety Authority said, “The main cause of fatal accidents in the construction sector is `falls from height` and this is the main area that we need to focus on. Over the course of the week our inspectors will be looking to see that suitable systems are in place, such as properly erected scaffolding or other appropriate measures to ensure the safety of those working at height.

The Authority has produced freely available guidance and information for people who work at height and Sean Hyde wants contractors to follow the guidelines, “We have guides for working on scaffolds, roof-work and use of ladders that encourage best practice and safe work at all times. We don`t want to make unreasonable demands of employers or workers we just want to make sure that the risks of working at height are managed and appropriate controls are used. The consequences of a fall, even from a relatively low height, can be devastating.”