Here are the 10 tips can help:

  1. Keep it relatively short and simple, a standard CV should be no more than 2 pages. Save the detailed explanations for the interview.
  2. Put the job responsibilities in bullet point form, instead of a long paragraph. This makes it easier for interviewers and recruiters to read.
  3. Put your LinkedIn URL so people can learn more about you and connect.
  4. Use a standard font and size. Keep it consistent. Grammar and spell check your CV.
  5. Don’t leave any unexplained gaps and make sure your CV is current and UpToDate.
  6. Focus more on your achievements rather than responsibilities. Have a STAR Approach prepared for interviews based on your key achievements.
  7. Tailor make your CV for each job. Research the company or the job description and work out exactly what skills to point out the hiring managers.
  8. Have a summary/achievement section top of your CV.
  9. Read your CV as if you were the interviewer. Better yet get a colleague or a friend to read it and provide feedback.
  10. Believe that you are the best person applying for the job!


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