CMSE would like to extend a huge congratulations to GE Healthcare on winning the 2013 All Ireland Safety Supreme Award at the NISO Safety Awards, which took place on October 4th. The award recognises organisations which show a number of years of consistently good or improving health and safety performance, and an outstanding contribution to occupational safety, health and welfare. The All Ireland Safety Supreme Award is highly valued among health and safety professionals.

Other notable mentions must go to Deirdre Rooney of Bristol-Myers Squibb, who was awarded the Safety Representative of the Year Award 2013, and Rose Construction who scooped the Small / Sub Contractor, Safety Innovation Award.

The NISO Safety Awards demonstrate the positive and proactive culture of safety management in organisations throughout Ireland. Over the years, these awards have seen many innovations, and 2013 was no exception with the introduction of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards to reflect runners up to the Supreme Award winner and to give credit to those organisations who had a strong safety culture.

The Gold Award went to Cold Chon (Galway) Ltd (Chemoran). The Silver Award was won by Helsinn Birex Pharmaceuticals, and the Bronze Award was recieved by Road Maintenance Services Ltd.

Credit must also be given to those companies who recieved recognition with the Consistent High Achiever Award, and those companies included Abbott Ireland Diagnostics Division Sligo, Allergan Pharmaceutical, Cold Chon (Galway) Ltd (Chemoran), Designer Group Engineering Contractors, GE Healthcare, Helsinn Birex Pharmaceuticals, Northstone Materials, PM Group, Roadbridge, Sierra Support Services Group, Xerox Technology.