Covid-19 has completely changed the way we interact and engage with our workforce, 2020 has brought the quickest and greatest changes to the way we work that we have ever seen.

A lot of employees are feeling the strain of remote working. 24/7 access to emails, mobile phones and having their workstations in the next room are leading employees to be on standby mode even after they’ve clocked off.

In addition to these potential professional hazards, employees may be facing demands personally due to the pandemic. This lack of foresight & control is leading to burn out.

Employee engagement is not just a one stop, box ticking exercise. It is a continuous process cycle that needs to be constantly managed.

At the start of the pandemic, organisations had limited time and resources to prepare themselves and employees for remote work. Now its time to move to the next level and focus on engagement and welfare as demotivation, burnout and disengagement are becoming a primary concern for managers.

Small changes to how we view engagement can have a real impact on the workforce. In these uncertain times employees simply appreciate recognition for their hard work and dedication.

So, what can you and your organisation do to help improve/promote a positive working environment?

  • Communicate regularly
  • Set clear expectations and objectives
  • Check in with your teams
  • Utilise video calls
  • Encourage a healthy routine
  • Promote any wellbeing and any mental health services that you have available such as Employee Assistant Programs etc

If you want your employees to be happy, committed to, and passionate about their work, you will need to continuously monitor, tweak, and manage your organisation to keep their engagement.

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