When Do I Require a DGSA? – What you need to know

Are you manufacturing, storing handling or transporting anything containing Lithium (i.e. batteries), drug delivery devices, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks and perfumes?

Handling and Transport of Dangerous goods is both hazardous and heavily regulated.  If you make, fill store or transport any of these, you are required to have a DGSA – Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.

As well as obviously dangerous goods, legislation also includes many less obvious examples: Detonators for Airbags, anything containing Lithium (i.e. batteries), seat belt pre-tensioners, drug delivery devices, pharmaceuticals, paints, certain inks and perfumes to name a few.

The DGSA compiles the mandatory annual report, trains your staff and keeps you appraised of the evolving legislation. There are however, flexible options to provide this expertise, suitable to any business.

CMSE Consultancy is a leading provider of Chemical Safety and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA) services.

As a result, our experts play a vital role in helping our clients to ensure safe transportation of dangerous goods . For instance, by Road, Rail, Sea and Air.

CMSE Consultancy provides DGSA and ADR expert services to clients both nationally and internationally.

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