On Monday September 7th the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) launched a nationwide inspection campaign aimed at reducing accidents and ill-health in the construction sector. This campaign will take place for 2 weeks, within such time HSA inspectors will visit construction sites all over Ireland to engage with both employers and employees with the aim of making each workplace more safe and healthy.

Other areas of focus for the HSA inspectors are

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  • Occupational health issues such as occupational exposure to asbestos and silica dust both of which are known to cause lung cancer along with other serious illnesses.
  • Working at a height and heavy machinery accidents where there has been an increase in the number of fatalities in the sector over the last 5 years.

If you would like to discuss your options regarding reducing accidents, fatalities and Ill-health please email Aine at ainemoher@cmse.ie or call us at 1850 315 415