Although we have moved out of the dependency of virtual interviews experienced over the last few years, that initial first round interview will, in most cases, occur online. Many candidates I have spoken with still find virtual interviews intimidating and slightly awkward, so here are my top tips to put your best foot forward, virtually! 

  1. Make sure to click the MS Teams/Zoom or whatever video link you have been sent to ensure it works and you have downloaded any software you might need.  
  1. Test your camera and Mic to make sure all is in working order. 
  1. Make sure you choose to hold the interview in an area that has good lighting, and your facial expressions are well visible on camera.  
  1. On that note, choose an area in the house that is quiet if you can, and has a good internet connection. Disconnect any other devices using internet to make sure your connection is strong.  
  1. Check in with your family or housemates living with you to make sure they know you are interviewing and avoid any interruptions! 
    These are some simple steps you can take before your initial interview that will help you feel prepared, relaxed and confident as you enter that virtual meeting room! Hope these tips help. 

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