As the Summer season has wrapped up, the Occupli Recruitment team have been working with a lot of new graduates looking to kick start their career in the health and safety industry. While being a new graduate can be an exciting time, landing that first role after graduation can be a job in itself!

Below, I’ve outlined a few of my top tips for any new grad or junior EHS candidate to consider.

Update your CV and include any work experience obtained as part of your degree
Tailor your CV to your preferred industry and job roles. Read through the job description you are interested in applying for and identify the skills and experience you have that match what the employer is looking for, and make sure you provide evidence that you meet their requirements. Make sure to include any work experience obtained as part of your degree!

Utilise your LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn is an easy-to-use platform to engage and grow your connections and network with others in the health and safety industry, gain information on any companies you are interested in working for and also check what skills other Health & Safety professionals have who work in the roles you would like and discover their career path.

Take advantage of additional training
If possible, any additional qualifications/credentials obtained will set you apart from other junior candidates. At Occupli, we offer a wide variety of courses that will further grow your knowledge and skills from NEBOSH, IOSH, SAFEPASS, and many more.

Practise makes perfect
Like everything, the more time you do something the more confident you become. If you are new to interviews/online interviews and find them daunting, record yourself answering some interview questions. Think about how to sell yourself – create a list of potential interview questions to use as main speaking points. As a recruiter, I regularly offer my candidates a practice interview beforehand.

If you would like to discuss your career options further or discuss our open roles at present, please feel free to contact the team at, or call us at 0818 315 415