Looking for New Employment Opportunities? Check out these benefits..

Career advice and consultation
Not sure about what the next step in your career should be?
Discuss your options with one of the CMSE Recruitment Agents. With years of experience they are happy to share their knowledge of which companies are hiring at the moment or what roles would be most suitable to your experience. All of this invaluable information from CMSE Recruitment will help you plan the next phase of your career.

CV preparation
Your CV is a vital part of the job hunting process. Our CMSE Recruitment Agents are happy to assist you in CV preparation.
We can provide
• Content advice
• Assistance in layout design
These alterations will assist in highlighting your experience and qualities. Once confident that your CV is of the highest possible standard, we will begin submitting for applicable Current Vacancies.

Interview preparation

Your interview technique is the most important step in landing that ideal role. Whether you’re unsure of the format of your upcoming interview or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had an interview, our CMSE Recruitment agents offer you interview preparation on how to impress the interviewers.

Salary and contract negotiations
So, you’ve gone through the interviews and you’ve been offered the role. Now it’s time for salary negotiations. CMSE Recruitment acts as an intermediary between the employer and yourself. Our CMSE Recruitment agents are here to represent you and get the best salary (or hourly/daily rate) and working conditions possible for you.

We are currently seeking Health & Safety professionals of all levels for both in house and industry positions
If you are interested in speaking to one of our Recruitment agents contact us today.