The Authority undertakes approximately 16,000 inspections per annum. The aim of an inspection is to:

  • Ensure statutory compliance
  • Address significant risks
  • Educate and guide the employer to help bring about improvement
  • Educate and guide the Workforce in health and safety matters
  • Raise the profile of Health and Safety at the workplace

You may have wondered what you can expect when a HSA inspector calls to inspect your premises.
HSA inspectors monitor compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

The Inspectors’ primary focus is a preventative one, which is to raise awareness among employers and their employees on their responsibilities under the 2005 Act.

With this in mind they are looking at the level of preparedness of Irish workplaces on safety and health management and in particular on the preparation and implementation of the safety statement.

The safety statement must spell out how safety and health is managed in the workplace, to which it relates and must include the risk assessments which were carried out.