Musculoskeletal Disorder

Looking for pain and discomfort? You’re in luck, We’ve got you covered! Here are 3 top ways that you can help yourself develop musculoskeletal disorder.

Performing Repetitive Tasks
Performing the same repetitive motions without taking rest periods will put you at risk of an musculoskeletal disorder. Though most common for those working in physical roles such as in manufacturing, performing repetitive tasks on a computer can also cause MSD’s.
Hint: To prevent these injuries, take regular breaks & Introduce variety in your workflow.

Working in an Awkward Position
Over Reaching, leaning, repetitive twisting, kneeling, these are just some of the awkward positions that can put significant stress on your body.

Exerting Excessive Force
Pushing or pulling of heavy or awkward loads, lifting heavy objects – these activities could all exert excessive force.

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