Earlier this month, Gradewell Plant and Haulage Ltd, a leading provider to the construction industry in the UK & Europe, contacted Occupli, Ireland’s largest EHS service provider, to assist them on a project. Gradewell Plant & Haulage Ltd had some machinery placed in the West of London for a commercial data centre project. Occupli were tasked with delivering a number of training sessions on Red Zone and People Plant Interface for the workers on site. 

What is Red Zone Training?

People plant interface (or red zone) training raises awareness of the many hazards possible when working around machinery. Occupli uses interactive training sessions to highlight the potential dangers when working around the plant, helping workers understand operator blind spots and machine safety features.

How it Went:

Following the training, the onsite HSE Manager said: “I for one, thoroughly enjoyed it and found it a real learning curve. The positive feedback we have received from a number of the trainees has also been great, and safe to say (no pun intended), it was a hit! Furthermore, We were very impressed by the interactive training, and are looking into booking this again”.

Robbie Barrett, Director of Gradewell Plant and Haulage commented that “Health & Safety is paramount to our clients and having employees upskilled in these areas such as “red zone” or “people plant interface” helps the plant operate more effectively and reinforces their strong safety culture. Occupli is a an excellent partner with knowledgeable and experienced trainers every time”.

Get in Touch:

Our experienced trainers at Occupli can work with you and your team to create bespoke training solutions around Red Zone training/ People Plant Interface. Visit our full website for more information on the services we offer and how you can get in touch.