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Each Year almost 50 million tonnes (and €55 billion) of e-waste is produced globally. This is made up of smartphones, computers, household appliances and more.

Despite containing billions of dollars’ worth of reusable materials such as metals and rare earth elements, currently only 20% of electronics are being recycled.

Millions of tonnes of e-waste is ending up in landfills, wrongly mixed with metal waste, or illegally exported to poorer countries for a fee.


[icon icon=”star2″ color=”blue” size=”small” icon_solid=”no”][/icon]FACT:  An average smartphone contains up to 60 prized metals elements!


The UN, the World Economic Forum and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, recently gathered in Davos. It was here that the “Global Reboot” call for action to counter e-waste was launched.

Ruediger Kuehr, programme director at United Nations University and expert in e-waste, noted that if things continue, we will have 120 million tonnes per year of e-waste by 2050.

It is hoped that in the same way that plastic waste has become a hot topic in recent years, governments, businesses and consumers will now explore ways of reusing and repurposing electronics so as to limit the environmental fallout.


[icon icon=”star2″ color=”blue” size=”small” icon_solid=”no”][/icon]FACT: Although E-waste represents only 2% of physical waste in landfills, it accounts for up to 70% of the hazardous material.


To achieve environmental excellence when it comes to prevention of pollution and elimination of waste going to landfill, we at Chris Mee Group use an e-waste recycling service. This company has a Zero Landfill Policy and ensures the highest level of global environmental standards are adhered to when disposing of equipment.

Waste reduction and management are crucial in all business sectors. CMSE Consultancy is recognised as one of the best providers of expertise in this area nationwide.

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