Did you know that Occupli is an Approved Training Institute by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council of Ireland for First Aid Training? 

Our 3 day PHECC First Aid Responder training program is delivered in line with the PHECC FAR Education and Training Standards and also the PHECC FAR CPG’s that were updated by PHECC last August.

These CPGs ensure that responders and practitioners are practicing to best international standards and support PHECC’s vision that people in Ireland receive excellent pre-hospital emergency care.

Some of the changes to the PHECC FAR CPG’s include:

  1. An additional Care Principles AND broadening of existing Care Principle.
  2. There are now 16 Care Principles – the 16th Care Principle states “Ambulances, medical rooms and equipment should be decontaminated as appropriate following an interaction with a patient”.
  3. The 1st Care Principle had stated “Take standard infection control precautions”, this principle has now been broadened and states:

“Take standard infection control precautions.  Ensure correct PPE is utilised in all situations and is compliant with the latest guidance on standard, contact, droplet, and airborne PPE. Place facemasks on patients when required. Handwashing and hand hygiene should be performed before and after all patient interactions. Utilise PPE checklists for correct donning and doffing procedures”.

  1. CPG for Limb Injury – The step ‘Rest – Ice – Compression – Elevation’ has been replaced by:  Rest, Cooling, Compress, Elevation’.
  2. CPG for Spinal Injury Management – Instruction box’s  ‘High risk factors’, ‘Spinal injury rule in considerations’, and Instruction box ‘Low risk factors’ have been deleted. For this CPG there has been the inclusion of Instructional box  “Passive spinal motion restriction; requesting the patient to minimise his/her movement without external intervention and permitting the patient to adopt a position of comfort”.


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