Engage Construction, a Construction Management company located in Cork, specializes in delivering GxP-constrained projects within the Life Science Sector. A number of months ago, Engage Construction sought the expertise of Occupli, a distinguished provider of health and safety solutions. A partnership was devised to secure confined space standby cover, spanning over a 20-day project. This case study delves into the proficient and effective provision of essential services by Occupli. This accomplishment played a pivotal role in fostering a robust and ongoing professional partnership with Engage Construction.

Context and Challenge : 

Engage Construction was faced with the task of executing a complex project in confined spaces within the Life Science Sector. In light of the critical safety implications at stake, a discerning acknowledgment of the necessity for a dependable standby service arose, dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of their workforce.

The project’s constrained environment demanded specialized permits, meticulously orchestrated rescue strategies/plans, and the suitable safety equipment, posing a significant challenge for Engage Construction.

Services Provided by Occupli:

To meet Engage Construction’s requirements, Occupli provided the following services:

a. Standby Watch Man: Occupli deployed a highly proficient standby watch man, extensively trained to oversee permits, continuous monitoring of confined spaces and poised to execute rescue protocols promptly if required. This diligent approach ensured strict adherence to safety regulations and significantly enhanced on-site security throughout the entirety of the 20-day project.

b. Equipment Provision and Rental: Occupli facilitated the provision and leasing of essential equipment for the project’s entire duration, including gas testers and specialized rescue equipment. This strategic planning eliminated the need for Engage Construction to independently obtain equipment streamlining the process.

c. Rescue Plans Development: In acknowledgment of the critical nature of confined space operations, Occupli crafted comprehensive rescue strategies, tailored to each distinct confined space in focus. These strategic frameworks pre-emptively reinforced the capability to effectively handle potential emergencies.

Successful Outcome and Client Satisfaction:

The partnership between Engage Construction and Occupli resulted in the successful completion of the project. Engage Construction expressed their utmost satisfaction with the level of support provided by Occupli’s Emergency Response Team (ERT). They appreciated the team’s professionalism, expertise, and proactive approach throughout the project.

Ongoing Collaboration:

Impressed with the exceptional service, Engage Construction has continued to utilize Occupli’s ERT standby service on subsequent projects. The level of trust established between the two companies has strengthened their professional relationship, making Occupli a reliable partner for Engage Construction’s safety and compliance needs.


This case study showcases how the Occupli effectively addressed Engage Construction’s need for confined space standby cover. Through their skillful and proactive support, Occupli not only ensured the project’s safety and success but also solidified a lasting partnership with Engage Construction built on a foundation of trust and excellence in service delivery.