Much has been written about Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) – so much that it runs the risk of becoming a fad. To properly understand and utilise BBS in your organisation, here is what you need to know:

  • Safety Behaviour is influenced by both training and culture
  • Changing behaviour (and hence outcomes) sustainably – requires cultural change
  • Cultures build over time: they are not unwound overnight
  • Making cultural change happen takes shared belief, commitment and time from management

As a practitioner in this space we see too many well-intentioned programmes failing to deliver on expectation, for similar reasons:

  • Companies bought the training – but didn’t understand the cultural needs (the proverbial tick box approach).
  • Expectations were too short term – and as consequence commitment waivered and results withered.

The successful companies conversely, understood the commitment and timeframe. They also built on the internal mechanisms of their organisations to recognise and reward the right behaviours. This allows behaviour to change, people to grow and very often – the safety project becomes the bedrock for wider cultural change in the organisation. Prosperity follows.

CMSE is recognised as an industry leader in the areas of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) programmes and Observational Based Safety programmes. Our specialists have extensive experience in BBS Programmes having worked in the area for many years. We provide practical support, training and solutions to our clients.

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