The “Return To Work Safety Protocol”, a collaborative effort by the Government, unions and employers is in now place to underpin workers’ safety as staff migrate back to workplaces.

The Protocol sets out very clear terms for employers and explains the State’s guidance on essential measures to contain the virus as the economy begins to reopen and continues to operate.

Here’s a brief intro on what you need to know;

1. Lead worker representatives

Each workplace must nominate at least one (or more depending on the company size) “lead worker representative” to work with the company’s Covid-19 response management team in ensuring safety measures are being followed. This Representative must receive necessary training to carry out the role.

2. Company Covid-19 response plans

The lead worker representative will help roll out your companies Covid-19 response plan. Companies that already have a plan in place will be required to revise and update it where necessary before employees can return to site.

3. Responding to suspected Covid-19 cases

Protocols for dealing with suspected Covid-19 cases among staff must be prepared for all companies.

4. Sick leave and flexibility

Sick-leave policies, will need to be reviewed and amended by the employer as appropriate before returning to the workplace.

5. Prioritising at-risk employees

  • If at all possible, at-risk workers should be told to work from home.
  • A strict “no-handshake policy” must be implemented.
  • Physical distancing of two metres is recommended between all people on site at all times.
  • Companies must provide hygiene facilities, and advice and training on correct hygiene procedures such as hand washing and respiratory hygiene.

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