109 enforcement orders were served in 2012 by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) for breaches in food safety legislation. Comparing this to the 84 orders served in 2011, resulted in a 30% increase and also made 2012 the highest year to date for the number of enforcement orders issued.

The FSAI issued a warning for all businesses involved in the food industry to ensure they have good food safety management systems in place, and to place hygience practices top of their agenda for 2013. The FSAI also commented on the fact that some food businesses were continuing to breach food safety regulations, and re-emphasised that this is unacceptable behaviour by these businesses.

The breakdown of figures for 2012 were:

91 closure orders

3 improvement orders

15 prohibition orders

This compares to 2011 figures of:

66 closure orders

7 improvement orders

11 prohibition orders

Chief Executive of the FSAI, Professor Alan Reilly said the increase is “extremely disappointing”. He stated that consumers must be confident that the food they are eating is safe to consume. Reilly also acknowledged that the FSAI will continue to take a zero tolerance policy to breaches of food safety legislation.