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Basic Marine Fire Fighting (3 day)

Occupli is a leading provider of STCW Marine Fire training. This include both basic and advanced.  This course is exclusively for private groups. Our Fire centre is near to Cork Airport and Ringaskiddy port. This makes it easy for our international and local clients to access.  Our instructors are full-time fire brigade trainers. (Please see our video of our fire centre.)

We have delivered courses to hundreds of sea-going people from Ireland, UK and all over Europe.  Our training includes real fire situations.  See our Advanced Fire Course using the link below.  to view all our STCW courses click here

We deliver training exclusively to private groups only. Please call 0214978100 to enquire.

Duration: 3 Days
Assessment: Theory and practical exams.
Accreditation: STCW Basic Marine Fire Fighting (issued under the authority of the Department of Transport).

Scheduled Courses
This course is also available to private groups. This allows courses to be targeted towards your own companies needs. To arrange a date for your company to host this course please call 1850 315 415. You can also fill in the form below. Our Training team will be in touch.
Course Objectives

This course will cover:

  • Theory of fire
  • Causes of fire on ships
  • Basic fire prevention
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Rescue techniques
Target Audience

Sea farers whose job is to respond to a fire situation onboard a ship.

Course Contents
  • Practical session (live fire fighting)
  • Theory of combustion
  • Hydrocarbon fires
  • Fire hazards and risks
  • Protective clothing
  • Fire hose and fittings
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Suppression systems
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Search and rescue procedures
  • Fire prevention
  • Ship fire fighting
  • Fire investigation


+353 1 517 5270


+353 818 315 415

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