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Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Fighting (Basic)

Occupli Training have introduced the updated proficiency in Fire Fighting and have also made it possible for you to attend this mandatory module in only 1 day.  If you have valid STCW training certification or have kept your training up to date on board ship and can to sign a self-declaration form then this package is for you..

Occupli Training is a leading provider of STCW Marine Fire training.  We have a state of the art fire training facility located in Raffeen, Cork.  Our centre is near to Cork Airport and Ringaskiddy port for ease of access by our international and local clients.

All our instructors are full time fire brigade trainers and have marine experience over many years.  See our video for more information on our fire centre.

Occupli Training is approved by the Irish Department of Transport and Marine  to deliver this 1 day STCW Updated Proficiency Fire Training at our facility in Cork. Occupli Training also provide other STCW approved courses. Occupli Training have successfully delivered courses to hundreds of sea-going personnel from Ireland, the UK and all over Europe.


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Venue Date: Price:
Unit 1 Portgate Industrial Estate, Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork Be the first to know when we release additional dates for this course. €290 – BOOK NOW

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objectives

The purpose of our courses is update the marine firefighting competency of all attendees. Our training is of the very highest standard and the instructor team is made up of experienced professional fire trainers. Our training is very hands-on with REAL FIRE situations. Full fire equipment is supplied to course attendees.

This course will cover:

  • Protective Clothing
  • Fire preventiona nd fire fighting on ships
  • Equipment Maintainence
  • Breathing apparatus, Fire Hose and Fittings, Extingusigers
  • Search and Rescue techniques
Target Audience

This course is designed for sea farers who already hold a STCW recognised certificate in fire prevention and firefighting but are now required under the STCW 2010 to undertake updated proficiency training every five years.

Course Contents
  • Practical session including live fire fighting scenarios
  • Theory of combustion
  • Hydrocarbon fires
  • Fire hazards and risks
  • Protective clothing
  • Fire hose and fittings
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Suppression systems
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Search and rescue procedures
  • Fire prevention
  • Ship fire fighting
  • Fire investigation

In order to complete a Updated Proficiency Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention course you must have completed a STCW recognised Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention Course and either produce a copy of the valid certificate: or a valid self-declaration form confirming your on board training requirements have been met.

An up to date ENG 11 Medical Certificate, a  valid Seafarer’s Medical Certificate issued by any administration of an EU member state or a Doctor’s note stating you are considered medically fit to participate in all aspects of the course will be required.

To avoid delays copies of required certifications can be submitted in advance of training dates online from our website  when booking your course


STCW Update Proficiency in Basic Marine Fire Fighting (issued under the authority of the Department of Transport and Marine).

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