4 Ways SAFEWARE will improve your online training and inductions!

Seamless Reporting and Notifications

Management software with comprehensive, deep dive reporting tools allow for a radical decrease in administrators workload. Reporting by user, course, department, location, etc. can be done with a few clicks on our user friendly, easy to master cloud-based platform. SAFEWARE will ensure that your users’ certifications and/or professional qualifications never lapse again. Training through Occupli and other bodies can all be tracked online allowing administrators and users plenty of notice when it’s time to renew that next Manual Handling or First Aid course. This is where our reliable notification/reminders come into play. You’ll never be caught out of date again!

Lower Costs and Flexibility

Inductions take time. Contractors are expensive. SAFEWARE allows you to cut your time completing inductions by 75% or more while also freeing up your trainer. Inductions can be completed from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Users simply log on, complete their inductions and receive a certification of completion, all in less time than it takes to set up a training room! All staff can receive consistent, standardised inductions across all sites. Staff can also receive personalised training based on their role or location. Our software solution is flexible to meet your individual needs.  Training and results are retrievable, searchable and centralised for future reference.

Customisation (Content/Platform)

We can host and load your classroom induction courses on our online platform allowing your staff and/or contractors to take your course online.  Our system allows online examinations, gamification and more.  Clients can make huge savings in induction costs by using our system. We also have an online learning suite with over 70 courses. These include courses in health & safety, health & social care, business skills, digital marketing.

Compliance and Credibility

Our solutions enable our clients to better manage their Safety and EHS responsibilities in order to ensure legal compliance (including onus of proof) and to follow best practice.  Legal compliance and adhering to best practice may in turn help to reduce client insurance premiums in discussion with your insurance brokers. View our client success stories, testimonials from real customers from all sectors. Read how well received our online training and induction platform has been.

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