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Mental Health Awareness Briefing Course Programme

The Mental Health Awareness briefing course provides attendees with an value of the importance of looking after their own mental well-being . Specifically, in the workplace. The triggers, signs and coping strategies are outlined within this course.

This course is aimed at all employees.


The course is available exclusively to private groups. If you wish to arrange this course for your employees please contact us.

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Who Is This Course Intended For?

This course is aimed at all employees.

Course Content
  • Meanings: “Mental Health” and “Wellbeing”?
  • How does life/work environment impact your mental wellbeing?
  • Importance of Work-Life Balance
  • Subtle Signs that it’s time to care for your mental health
  • Mood mapping
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Why is everyone talking about resilience?
  • Looking after your mind & body
Course Objectives

On successful completion of this course, attendee will have:

  • improved their understanding and recognition of common mental health problems
  • an understanding of coping with stress
  • knowledge of how to look after their mental health
  • an understanding on the importance of resilience