Quinn Group Project

quinn groupProject: Group Wide Audit of their Safety Management Systems.

Background: The business was sold to new owners – who wanted to assess the safety performance of the company and to ensure that high safety standards were established and maintained.

Project Description:

  • Carry out an Safety Management Audit across the Quinn Group including; Concrete, Glass, Packaging, Plastics, Power and Radiators.
  • Safety Management Audits were carried out across several countries including; Ireland, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria etc.
  • Design and implement a standardised safety management system throughout the group, leading to better reporting and management of risk.

Project Outcome:

  • An accurate third party assessment of Group safety standards across all risk areas – creating an effective management reporting system.
  • This allowed EHS professionals to focus on improving – rather than measuring, safety performance.
  • This in turn facilitated accelerated and continuous improvement across all safety areas.
  • Those real results lowered safety risk and contributed to reducing long term insurance costs.