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Biological Safety Services

Occupli Consultancy is a leading provider of professional services for biosafety in the workplace, including biosafety consultancy and biosafety awareness training.


The aim of biosafety is to prevent harmful exposure from the use of biological agents to employees in the workplace. Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Biological Agents) Regulations it is the duty of every employer to assess the risks arising from the use or presence of biological agents in the workplace.  Employers must determine adequate precautions or control measures to safeguard health and safety. The Regulations are supported by a Code of Practice which contains a non-exhaustive list of biological agents, their risk group classification, minimum containment measures and dispensations from minimum containment measures, where appropriate.

Our consultants are highly experienced and qualified in Biosafety and can assist you at all stages, whether you are trying to determine what types of biological agents are in your workplace or require more specialised biosafety support.


Biosafety services include:

Biological Agent Risk Assessments
Biosafety plans
Biosafety inspections in labs or production facilities
Biosafety audit programs to ensure compliance with The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Biological Agents) Regulations 2013 – 2020
Training on hazard awareness and use of biological agents in the workplace

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“We have used Occupli for our safety training and surveys for over five years now and have always been delighted with the service. We have found Occupli staff to be supportive and interested, often getting telephone calls just checking and seeking feedback that the services provided are effective.”

Noel Ryan

Utility Operations & Maintenance Services Ltd, Dublin Bay Power