Abrasive Wheels Courses

Occupli Training is a leading provider of Abrasive Wheels training courses.  

Abrasive Wheels Courses

We deliver operators courses. In addition we also provide instructor courses. Both on a regular basis.  Required under legislation, which was deemed necessary due to the serious injuries and fatalities resulting from the use of machines that were subjected to inappropriate use or incorrect mounting procedures.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (Section 2 covers competency and demands training for all such activities) and The Safety in Industry Act 1882 (Schedule No. 30 (Abrasive Wheels) places an obligation on all employers where Abrasive Wheels are in use, to ensure that only trained, competent and appointed personnel mount the appropriate wheels in the machines.

Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheels Instructor

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