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IOSH Working Safely Course

Occupli deliver this 1 day IOSH Working Safely Course

Occupli is a leading provider of IOSH approved training in Ireland and the UK. We have the largest suite of IOSH approved courses in Ireland.

This IOSH Certified one-day Working Safely course is designed to train people to contribute to health and safety in the workplace. As well as helping people to understand their health and safety responsibilities. It focuses on best practice rather than legal aspects. The course is a match to the Health and Safety Executive’s ‘Passport’ syllabus.

This course is available as a private course. Contact us on 1850 315 415.  Email for more details.

Duration:1 Day
Participants: Up to 15 participants
Assessment: A Multi-format question paper and multi-choice hazard spotting exercise to be completed within 30 minutes.
Accreditation: When complete, each participant will receive an IOSH Working Safely Certificate

Location Underground Services IOSH Working Safely Course


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Scheduled Dates

This course is available as a private course. Contact us on 1850 315 415.  Email for more details.

Target Audience

This course is intended for those who wish to gain knowledge and build competency in an organisations safety requirements.

Course Objectives
  • To understand the need to work safely
  • Explain the consequences to both the individual. As well as their organisation if they fail to work safely
  • Define the terms “hazard”, “risk”, and “risk controls”
  • Explain the importance of a risk assessment
  • Give examples of risk assessments from everyday life
  • Appreciate the role of workplace precautions
  • Use appropriate workplace precautions
  • Describe a health and safety management system
  • Identify lines of communications with respect to health and safety in their place of work
  • Identify safety signs and signals
  • Use emergency and accident plans and procedures in their place of work
  • Know how to report accidents, incidents and near misses, and who to report them to
  • List ways in which individuals and organisations can minimise pollution and waste
Course Contents


1: Introducing Working Safely

2: Defining hazard and risk

3: Identifying common hazards

4: Improving safety performance

You can find more information for this course on the IOSH Website

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