What is Hazard Perception

This state-of-the-art application is a predictive behavior analysis tool designed to identify a fleet’s high risk drivers based on their ability to identify dangerous situations that happen every day on our roadways.
It will identify specific deficiencies of each individual driver and assign specific, targeted training to immediately mitigate the risk.

The evaluation includes a series of real-life traffic scenarios (20) as well as multiple-choice questions (28) pertaining to the safe operation of a motor vehicle. The scenarios present the driver with a view out the front windshield of a vehicle from the driver’s seat, as well as rear-view and both side-view mirror perspectives (see example above), which captures the dynamics of driving in the real-world.

The assessment evaluates a driver’s performance in six core areas:

  • Danger Zones
  • The Other Motorist
  • Speed Management
  • Attitude
  • Scanning
  • Space Management

Key Benefits

  • A proactive, behavior-based system that prescribes a targeted training regime for each individual driver, rather than a one size fits all approach
  • The system calibrates the driver’s score based on the above parameters, and automatically prescribes specific, corrective modules based on each individual drivers’ deficiencies
  • Risk identification and mitigation, all in one solution

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