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Safety Management System – SMS

Occupli Consultancy is a leading provider of Safety Management Systems – SMS to companies in the Irish workplace. Occupli Consultancy work with many clients to improve their Safety Management System – SMS and ultimately to gain ISO 45001 (previously OHSAS 18001), for instance.

Carrying out an initial Gap Analysis on the in-house Safety Management System – SMS and then we draft and agree a specific improvement plan for our client.  We will then assist you in risk assessments, controls improvements. As well as system standardisation.  Futhermore we will assist you in certification audits, internal auditor training, and maintenance of the certification once it is in place.

  • Occupli Consultancy have extensive experience of implementing effective safety management system – SMS within all industrial, Multi-national, voluntary and commercial sectors.  Our clients vary greatly in size, complexity and risk profile. See some of our case studies outlining clients who have used our SMS services.
  • We use a scaled approach to your safety management needs – the approach for small organisations and the large organisations must differ and be proportionate to the size of the organisation, for example.  We apply the ALARP (As Low As is Reasonably Practicable) principle and based on reasonable standards and available company resources at all times.
  • Occupli Consultancy always use practical solutions for each individual client.  Similarly, we ensure that key stakeholders are involved at all stages in our process.  Key stakeholders include owners, managers, supervisors, operators, maintenance personnel, safety representatives and others as appropriate.
  • We have particular experience of implementing the ISO 45001 standard. We have a number of very senior safety consultants who are trained and experienced in this  new ISO standard.


Services Provided By Occupli Consultancy


  • Gap Analysis on your current situation against ISO / OHSAS standards, legislation and codes of practice
  • We deliver top quality internal auditor training and/or mentoring
  • Supporting your implementation of an effective hazard identification / risk assessment programme and development of appropriate risk controls
  • Developing business specific objectives, targets and management programmes, supported by performance measurement and review mechanisms that instill a continuous improvement process and ethos
  • Providing training on complete systems implementation or on individual sections of a specific safety management standard.  These can be either generic courses or client specific courses
  • Developing internal and external inspection / audit schedules to ensure continuing progress and improvement. Alternatively we can conduct routine or random audits on your behalf
  • Supporting you from start to finish to achieve accreditation to ISO 45001 standard (previously the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard)


Good Safety Management Systems Are Holistic And Integrated

A well implemented safety management system will not only reduce injuries and illnesses, but can also improve moral, productivity and commercial performance – especially if integrated with other business systems. With our multi-disciplinary systems team, we encourage a holistic and integrated approach to risk management.

We can also integrate your safety management system with other systems such as ISO 9001:2008, IS 14001:2004 and IS 393:2005.

Legislation and Social Responsibility

The legal onus is now firmly on organisations to prove that they manage their activities in a manner that effectively preserves the health, safety and welfare of employees and anyone else affected in the worklace – from contractors and customers to visitors and the public.  Additionally, companies are coming under increasing pressure from corporate bodies, customers, Insurance companies and suppliers to implement procedures that demonstrate social responsibility.

In this context, we guide organisations through implementing procedures for continuous improvement in managing health and safety, using formalised safety management systems such as:

  • ISO 45001
  • BSi OHSAS 18001:2007
  • BS8800:2004
  • HS(G)65

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