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Behavioural Based Safety – BBS

The Occupli Behavioural Based Safety Process

The programme involves front line staff carrying out planned routine behavioural safety observations audits / tours. It involves immediate one-to-one feedback on the observation with the person involved. The observations feedback focuses on both positive and negative behaviours observed.

At Occupli we use the following four-stage process:

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Stage 1 - On Site Evaluation

This evaluation phase includes one-to-one interviews with key members of your management team, supervisors and informal discussions with operators during the site tour, and a review of your key Safety Management System (SMS). On completion of the evaluation, our report gives key findings and recommendations on how best to integrate a behavioural safety programme within your existing safety management system. We present the report and recommendations to your senior management team in the form of a presentation.

Stage 2 - Behavioural Based Safety Training Phase
  • 1 day Behavioural Safety Audit training programme with key personnel who will be involved in behavioural audits / tours
  • 1/2 day Behavioural Safety Awareness training programme with all personnel
Stage 3 - Implementation of BBS Programme
  • Identify and agree the internal and external support resources
  • Agree implementation programme timetable and key milestones
  • Develop list of “golden rules” or model behaviours to follow
  • Conduct planned safety observation audit / tours, report and analyse findings
  • Occupli will facilitate and support the full implementation of the BBS Programme
Stage 4 - Evaluation of the Programme


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