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Drinks Manufacturer Case Study

The Problem: Major Drinks Manufacturer has an accident on site

Occupli was contacted by a large drinks manufacturing facility based in Munster following an incident on their site. Their premises is located in an area that restricts any further expansion of the site resulting in high volume vehicular movements of various types in very restricted spaces.

The Solution: Implementing A Traffic Management System

Occupli met with the client for initial on-site meeting and following an initial site survey that included a review of their traffic management arrangements and supporting documentation Occupli recommended a new Traffic Management Plan. This plan would meet legislative requirements set out in the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, Part 2, Chapter 2 “Use of Work Equipment” as well as current guidance and industry best practice.  As part of the scope of project Occupli undertook the following tasks:

  1. Reviewed the existing maps, drawings, and SOP’s related to transport and delivery activities
  2. Liaised with relevant stakeholders involved in transport related activities
  3. Subdivided client site map in to five areas of operation and marked up to identify proposed locations of walkways, barriers, speed signs, mirrors, and turning areas
  4. Developed an SOP covering vehicular activities in all five areas on client site
  5. Prepared a detailed traffic management report outlining observations and recommendations for improvement

Once documentation was issued each of the specific elements of the Traffic Management Plan were reviewed and explained to the client. Occupli then worked with the client to implement the plan recommendations in a pragmatic and commercially viable way. Occupli also continues to support this client on an ongoing basis to ensure timely regulatory and best practice compliance.

The Benefits That Accrued from Working with Occupli

The client adopted and demonstrated a systematic and risk based approach to the management of vehicular and pedestrian activities on site. This  ensured compliance with relevant regulatory and legal requirements.
Management were also able to clearly demonstrate strong commitment to providing a safe place to work for all stakeholders.  There was a clear measurable reduction in the risk of an accident or incident that would lead to business interruption and commercial loss. This in turn resulted in a  reduction in insurance premium through increased traffic management and control of risk

Safety Management Systems Services Provided By Occupli

Occupli is a leading provider of Safety Management Systems in the Irish workplace. We work with many clients to gain OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 certification . Our services include initial Gap Analysis and improvement plan, risk assessment standardisation, assisting you in preparation for the pre-audits and certification audits, internal auditor training, maintenance of the certification once it is in place and anything else you need to get and maintain the certification.beneficial from the perspective of potential cost reductions and savings.

For more information on Occupli investigation and safety management system services please visit Occupli Consultancy or Occupli Training