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Data Centre Greenhouse Gas Permits and EU-ETS Compliance

Carbon Action (part of the Occupli Group) is a leading provider of Data Centre GHG Permits and EU-ETS Compliance.  Our services include Data Centre GHG Permits and EU-ETS Compliance, energy management consultancy, etc..  We are partnering with numerous data centre operators in the EU who were previously unknowingly in breach of EU and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) legal requirements on GHG emissions. We solve current and legacy compliance issues for our clients.

So what is this time bomb?

How do Data Centre Operators breach EU Legal Requirements and not even know it?

Data centre operators usually install sufficient standby electrical generating capacity to allow for uninterrupted service provision to customers. However, the operators make erroneous calculations leading to unintentional legalative breaches.

Many facility managers know that 10 MWe of stand-by electrical capacity equates to approximately 27 MW thermal input.  The law states that if thermal input of the installed capacity of stand-by or emergency generators exceeds 20 MW then you are required to apply for and obtain a GHG Permit from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Data centre GreenHouse Gas Permits & Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises as follows:-

Organizations operating emergency generators with a rated thermal input of 20 MW or greater are required to submit GHG permit applications for all qualifying Installations without delay for the activity.

How can the Occupli Group help Data Centre owners and Operators?

Occupli can advise and assist you in making an appropriate GHG Permit application, should your facilities be above the 20 MWt threshold.  We have worked with a large number of data centres in obtaining GHG Permits in the last three years.  We have successfully brought those data centres into compliance and avoided enforcement action by the EPA.  No enforcement actions have arisen in any case in which we have assisted data centres to achieve compliance.

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